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Jerome Tan (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:39:06 +0800

>> A blunder that I begin to believe is a
>> necessary attribute of any meme-complex.
> Agnostic= "we *cannot* know the truth about God"
> Amoral = "we *cannot* know the truth about morals"

With regard to my search of universal truth and morals. I end up with
nothing. I found out that people tends to have different morals and thus,
have different rules.

The only thing that I have in mind that governs the world is the law of
KARMA. What do you think? Sometimes, I have some doubts with this due to the
fact that when people believe that his deeds are good, but other people view
it as bad, that person will receive a POSITIVE outcome. I tend to think
that every person has their own moral standard.

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