Re: virus: Something Remains Missing

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 10:22:39 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Michelle Lee Gendvil wrote:

> > Some women are attracted to pretentiousness and even admire it.
> Women who enjoy pretentious men feed the very ego which needs to be
> extinguished. For this reason I choose to admire the ego without
> feeding it. Please excuse my feminist attitude. Feminism and male
> egoism (for obvious reasons) clash and create gender warfare.
> I do not care for such controversy. But if it will help to liven up the
> rhetorical meme, the female counter-part is amongst you, and quite
> content admiring the male ego from afar.

Thank you (I think...). But I must confess it saddens me that yours was
the only feminine response! Although I know there is at least one
other woman on this list, but she was even more behind on her e-mail than
I when we got back from the weekend.

> Here's a few female thoughts to keep the balance.
> Often when a female admires a hyper-educated,
> "egotistic" male, the male will use his knowledge and
> overconfidence as a means of seducing the female. The most discouraging
> part is when the female elaborates on something she
> knows a lot about, the man
> really doesn't seem to give a shit. His eyes glaze over and he
> somehow manages to manipulate the topic of conversation to a subject
> he knows "all" about. If the female
> counterpart argues a point made by the male counterpart, she
> is wrong because
> male always get final word.

Then I trust that you won't let me have the final word in this thread
then, whatever you do!

> The result?
> A bunch of women who struggle to be (in the physical sense) the
> "___ est" (fill in the blank with adjective describing an
> attractive female). All because females didn't get enough
> attention from their fathers. I know its not man's fault. Its the
> result of an outdated meme that is deeply ingrained in our society.

How can one attack and disable that meme? What are its weaknesses and
strengths? What antibody memes will interfere with its reproduction?

-Prof. Tim