virus: animal views.

Josh Logan (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:06:55 -0500

Just an observation that I've made in the past. Does anybody realize
that animals are stupid mostly because people think they're stupid?

Part of it is that when people assume non-intelligence in animals they
will, as I said in a previous posting, look for the evidence that
supports their meme. Animal does something smart, people dismiss it as
cute or something like that. People don't realize that they'd be a bit
too similar to the animals, in mentality, if they were locked up all day
with very few stimuli. Most pets lead what I consider miserable lives,
controlled by owners who frequently misunderstand the needs of their

I suspect that if people were successfully infected with the "smart
animal" meme, there would be quite a different view towards them in
general. If even a tenth as much attention was given towards enriching
the lives of animals or at least reduce the substandard conditions of
and sentiments toward them.

I'd like to see what would happen to children if people assumed they
were dumb and locked them up in the house all day, or only tossed them
bread once in a while.

Just some thoughts, please help me with the line of reasoning. It's
still a bit fuzzy.

Josh Logan