Re: virus: Something Remains Missing

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 12:01:39 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Michelle Lee Gendvil wrote:

> So I label this meme "bullshit" and go on my happy way. I get along
> fine with men because I do not put a relationship on a level at which
> I use my "femaleness" for empowerment. The problem I have is with those
> males who are unable to see me as essentially "human".

That is because the men *do* put their relationships in a level that uses
"maleness" for empowerment. If you're not comfortable using all of your
tools, your feminine power, then aren't you dis-empowering yourself?
Aren't you still bein' held down by da MAN!?! My sister-child, ain't it
about time?! Ain't it about time you done freed yous'self from da MAN!!!

> Because of this reason many women subscribe to the notion that they are
> objects without question.

> In other words, women and minorities have one thing on their side, the
> negative connotations attached to oppression of a minority group.

Wow, our memes are doing better than we could have ever expected! You
actually *beleive* being a victom is empowering! Well good for you, lil'
darlin'! Keep up the good work, you're almost there...

> I will finish up by saying I don't know exactly how to define
> the strengths and weaknesses of this meme for society at large. I know
> what the strengths and weaknesses are for myself. I don't want to be a
> clone and therefore I don't see anything special in total "equality".

Why would you settle for "equality"?

> I figure as long as the minority rights activists keep up their end of
> it, I personally do not need to fear oppression beyond simple
> manipulation.

There is no greater oppression than a slave that needs no chain.

-Prof. Tim