Re: virus: Justice

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 20:31:00 -0500

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> What brought this up? Fear of punishment? Need for approval? First, there
> is no social preference for people who are honest, quite the contrary.
> Second, if you eat bad food, your own body suffers...the same with actions
> that are oppositional to the body/mind/spirit. The consequences are that
> the body, mind and spirit break die ("The wages of sin is death")!

It strikes me that the wages of good deeds is death too! So I think
you've sort of committed a fallicy here: counting the hits and not the
misses. Like David sais, the universe does not activly *dis*favour the
criminal, as you seem to indicate. It is fair to a fault: everybody

> "a" is a product of your own immaturity..."b" is the same as "a" but on a
> larger scale..."c" is wrong--as there is no *random* occurance...therefore,
> "d" is the obvious answer.
> Get rid of your social delusions so that you can communicate with others who
> are more aware than you.

Sorrrrrry, Mr. "Holier Than Thou".