virus: Re: world is...

Ken Pantheists (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 15:36:03 -0700

Dave said:
Why do you deny that the world is a problem that needs to
be solved? In this Perspectives exercise I am not saying
that there is only one valid perspective, or that anyone
should have only one. Can you see the hypocrisy in using
technology to send a message like yours?

Of course. I just entered my favourite "hallmark cards" sentiment into the
fray. I try to keep it in mind when I lose sight of the fact that -- using
your framework for the arguement-- if technology is meant to improve life,
one can forget that parts of life are just fine. (and since it is summer, I
need a meme that will take me away from my work place long enough to enjoy
a really nice Greek meal in a patio restaurant right on the beach..... ah!)