Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 00:49:38 +0100

>> Its the advertisers faults for programming our parents to not
>> teach their kids to be memetically sound.
>I had a friend come over to stay with me from Ireland last week, and
>she's given me a new outlook on this. It basically goes:
>I am free to do whatever I want. I have supreme control over my
>actions, and no one else can directly control me. I may do things which
>place "items" into the subconscious of another individual, but just as I
>am free to do as I please with emotions, etc... so are they free to do
>what they will with the "item". The way that they react is entirely up
>to them, and hence I have not exerted any kind of control over them.

I guess she blew you out then Drakir, I am sorry.

>I think that this could be applied to this situation, too. How you
>react to the advertising by tobacco companies is entirely up to you.
>They're not to blame, it's your own fault.

But surely Drakir you can see that the advertisers program
people how to react to....
>> Someone told me Versachy had a massive share holding
>> in tabacco PLC. I should have checked my scources. I am sorry.
>Someone told me that he died in flip-flops!!!!! (it's Versace, BTW)

I always thought
"yes but you need that hy instead of an e, it says so much more
about longevity.

How do they know he had dandruff?
they found his head & shoiulders on the steps.

Tony Hindle.