Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Drakir (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 09:00:49 +0100

Tony Hindle wrote:
> >Actually, I think killing them is a damn fine way to *enhanse* the
> >memetic spread. Jesus's meme provide a good example. Hitlers memes as
> >well. *everybody* knows the he hated Jews.
> I suggest the killings should be performed by the victims of the
> tabacco meme. This is an essential difference in the propogation
> analysis.
> >
> >So I don't really think killing someone is the way to suppress their
> >memes.
> You miss the point, I am trying to create the
> "someone was killed for lying on behalf of tabacco plc"
> meme.

You're well into this capitalist bashing business, aren't you? In which
case, don't you realsie that the media is just another capitalist
institution, and they're all on the same side in the end, and no
newspaper is going to print the stuff you want people to hear. The
killer would be made out as a weak ineffectual individual, who couldn't
deal with his own life, not as some hugely heroic rebel in his last

Actually, it's just ocurred to me that I'm not entirely sure whether
you're anti-smoking or just anti-tobacco companies, or even both.
Please enlighten me.

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