Re: virus: Karma

Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 23 Jul 97 13:23:41 -0400

>I'm not sure in what way you believe Karma is institutionalized.
>Am I being too mystical here? ;-)

Only in as much as it is a term used by a select set of religions or
religious viewpoints. (Some of which are institutionalized, whereas folk
usage is not.)
>>Is it nice to assuage our dealings with this chaos by allowing some
>>extra-natural essence some small amount of prevarication?
>>All gods are criminals...
>Define "criminal" in such a way that it does not include all intentional
>and does not rely on an external system of normative evaluation.

Well, besides trying to be overly arch, any prevaricator in our karma is
a 'criminal'. As in 'memes can be virii' kind of thing. And like 'karma',
use it or don't....

Wade T. Smith