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Tony Hindle (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 02:51:48 +0100

In message <>, Eric Boyd
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>I agree. You *must* get that meme out there. The killer cannot count
>on the media to spread his/her message. Notes should be left at the
>scene of the crime. The criminal should turn him/herself in on the
>condition that their message be put to press. *everything* should be
>sacrificed to get the "revenge", "tobacco company bad" meme out.
>Otherwise, the murder has no *value*, and is just another senseless

You have mutated the original meme and I think I now like it
much more.
I keep on asking myself
"If I had a couple of weeks to go, would I do it?"
I know about all our knee jerk reactions to say never
kill but still I wonder.
If this meme gets circulated I think it might eventually cause a
killing. Perhaps I should think things through more carefully, but then
this is what I am doing here.

>But, all that aside, I still think you are directing your attention to
>the wrong place. Killing for *lies* is just much to strong a
>punsihment. You will stir up sympathy for the tobacco company... ("man,
>he was just doing his *job*. He didn't deserve to die for just trying
>to sell cigs!")

Definately not. But if it serves as a deterent for others to
work for the tabacco mind virus then might it still not be on balance a
virtuous thing? (I am again trying to model what conclusions a victim
might come to)

> By far the better way to go is something like Eva just
>described. Use memes. Culture Jam.

Wow thanks. I have downloaded a mountain of stuff from this
sight, all of which I will be reading as soon as I get back. Especially
the stuff on economics which I hope will give me some much needed
perspectives so I can start ranting about how it is used to keep the
elite in luxury as they shit ever more furiously on the workers while
still managing to make them feel giulty for not pulling their weight.

I feel an end in sight to my rantings on tabacco plcs (for now)
but I would love to know if anyone out there would run through some of
the arguments with any of their friends if their friend ever fell victim
to ciggy induced pending death. Or for that matter is there anyone who
thinks they might do it if they had only a couple of weeks to live?
Personally I just dont think I have got the balls.

Tony Hindle.