Re: virus: URGENT: TV opportunity

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 21:26:40 -0500

Richard Brodie wrote:

> I just got a call from the producer of the Strange Universe TV show.
> They want me to go on and talk about Church of Virus among other
> things, but there's a catch. Since it's a TV show, they need something
> VISUAL to broadcast that's more interesting than me sitting around
> talking.
> Guys and Eva and Michelle, we could have a lot of fun with this. Any
> ideas for something visually interesting we could manufacture to
> promote memetics and CoV? We need to move FAST. Brainstorm!

hmmm. I'm thinking about how you could possibly represent a "meme", in
a meaningful way...

You see, it *is* the image of you sitting around and talking that
represents memes.

(the question: how do you tangibly represent something intangable?)

hmmm. I think if I could do it, I could also prove God exists.

funny how that works;