Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

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Wed, 30 Jul 1997 02:49:57 +0100

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>Tony Hindle wrote:
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>> >> This isnt about encouraging people to stop smoking, its about
>> >> discouraging people to work on behalf of the tabacco mind virus.
>> >
>> >If this isn't about people not smoking then what's the point? If you
>> >don't care whether people stop smoking or not, then why should you care
>> >that someone's making money out of them smoking?
>> Its people starting smoking that is my target area.
>But if you don't care that they smoke, and you don't care if they quit,
>why should you care that they start?

i mean that i cant do anything to help the smokers, nicotine
addiction is too powerful. But the people who start to smoke do so in a
memetic culture that is engineered by (paid spokespeople) to maximise
the smoking uptake. If I can actually engineer a self propogating meme
that makes the job of the paid spokespeople less atractive (in this case
more risky) then the pro smoking uptrake memetic engineering project
will be less effective, less people will take up smoking and a few lives
will be saved. I just think it would be cool to save a few lives.
>> Once people
>> smoke the nicotine does the tabacco giants work for them by keeping
>> their customers.
>So in fact it's nicotine's fault, and not the tobacco giants. Surely
>that absolves them from any kind of blame.

yes and its not the nicotine its the cancer that kills them etc.
>> After the first death becomes public knowledge it will catch on
>> and spread.
>After it catches and spreads the security goes up, and potential
>assassins are shot dead by body gaurds. I mean, they're dead already,
>so what's it matter whether they die from cancer of gunshot wounds.

Exactly, thats why they make such good assassins. Also making
security etc go up is the whole point, reduce the efficiency of the pro
smoking memetic campagn.

>> No not revenge (although I may have been trying to push people's
>> revenge buttons to encourage them to think about it) its for the greater
>> good of humankind.
>Surely Nuclear disarmament and the introduction of more democratic
>governing systems all over the world are more immediately for the
>greater good of humankind.

But there is much less we can do NOW HERE to affect these

> Stopping the trade in tobacco merely makes
>massive unemployment.

Better to do nothing than to work for genicide incorporated.
Even if there are billions of people waiting to be persuaded to pay you
to slowly kill them.
>> >> I know a tabacco plc bloke and he is really nice.
>> >
>> >I'm supprised you think so judging by the rest of this thread.
>> Its you Drakir, you are him.
>Well, then where is all the money?

I presume you are doing it voluntarily.
>I'm glad you think I'm really nice, though :)

I also think you are a cunt dont forget.

Tony Hindle.
The reason I use the word cunt so much is that I think it is about
time you girls stopped using our swearwords as names for your genitals.

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