RE: virus: Virus. Interspecies Memetic Transference.

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Wed, 30 Jul 1997 21:44:26 -0700

A valuable study upon this line would be *animal* to human memetic

We do see examples of it in current media. "Stupid Human Tricks", the
wearing of animalia fashion such as collars and leashes (interesting
meme - human>animal>human), polls about what percentage of the
population have the ability perform auto-fellatio, etc.

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> Ken McE wrote:
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> > The below is reposted with permission of the author. It is a field
> > report of a meme (berry picking) being passed from one species to
> > another. "Rita" is a dog.
> > Since it is well established that dogs learn from other dogs, there
> is
> > no reason to doubt that this meme could travel and spread
> indefinitely
> > within the canine population.
> Do you think the author would mind if I refer to the story when I get
> to
> the section on my memes page about how far Memetic Propagation can be
> taken? Naturally I'll remove all references to names and email
> addresses, and merely use it as an example.
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