RE: virus: TV is Good

Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 31 Jul 97 14:08:03 -0400

>True, but it's most likely the advertising-marketing memeticists that
>generate the revenue to pay bills.
>For example, Bill Gates has had very little to do with technology
>enhancement since the 70's. If there is any genius to be found in his
>persona, it's his assemblage of marketers, advertising and legal

Not to belittle any of your points, which are good, but ain't we still
talking about product here?

PBS has had a '(PBS)TV is good' campaign for a few years now, and
certainly Gates' 'assemblage' _is_ his product at this point.

Anyway, my only addition was to mark advertising as a memetic technology,
which I think we agree on totally.

As in the non-corollation between truth and memetic propagation,
intelligence and marketing success are two disparate entities as well....

Wade T. Smith