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Marc Swenson (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 22:20:45 -0700

Believe me, this is not a slam against Bill. It's been done too many
times. My point was that without the skillful combination of marketing
and advertising, IMHO they would not be the powerhouse they are today.

e.g.. "Where do you want to go today", makes the users feel as though
they are in control, and not being dictated to (any more). This ad
campaign was created during one of the times of great anti-Microsoft,
anti-monopolist sentiment.

Free software. Let's face it, with working capital like Microsoft's,
one can afford to give it away for quite some time. There's nothing
better than free samples to create hooked junkies.

- Marc
(trying desperately to stay out of technology these days...)

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> Marc Swenson wrote:
> >For example, Bill Gates has had very little to do with technology
> >enhancement since the 70's. If there is any genius to be found in
> his
> >persona, it's his assemblage of marketers, advertising and legal
> >counsel.
> What are the forces that make this meme so persistent? This is a good
> example of something else being more powerful than "truth." Some of us
> on this list actually KNOW Bill, by the way.
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