virus: Re: TV is good.

Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 09:52:00 +0000


Twin Peaks was good. (and still is on Bravo)

Roseanne is good.

MASH was good.

X-files is good--- for the BC industry. Although we're pretty tired of
hearing David D. whine about how much he hates Canada.

Knowledge Network is good. (Biography, Mysteries of the Bible, and The
Day The Universe Changed)

A few Rock videos are good-- thank god some TV is finally moving out of
the 19th C paradigms and embracing *some* form of expressionism. They've
made it to the 1920's. ;-)

And Xena and Gargoyles are good (Although I have only seen about 4
episodes of each, regretably... what I did see made me wish I had
followed them.)


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