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Tony Hindle (
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 03:13:50 +0100

In message <>, Eric Boyd
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>Tony Hindle wrote:
>> Wishful thinking, suppose the only way to stop him shooting is
>> by pressing a button which causes his death instantaneously (I have left
>> out the details so you cant nit pick)
>OK, Tony, I have an answer: I would like to think I would push it, but
>I'm not sure I could.

Same here. Well in the clear cut hypotheticals I have given I
think I wouldnt hesitate in acting. If I got lung cancer I am less sure
but as my impending death came closer I would like to think I would
(unless of course I realised that it wouldnt save lives, so far I think
it would).

>I've got a story for you.
[snip story]

>Death is a scary thing.

>Now, the point.
>That was a little bird, Tony. You are asking me if I would press a
>button to kill a *man*. And not even an injured man. Just an evil one.

Actually it was to save two men. I can modify the hypothetical
to this, you have to press the button to kill one inocent man else two
innocent men will die, what do you do?

>Morally, you may eventually convince me you are right, Tony. But
>physically, when it comes down to it, I *could*not* press that button.

Fair play to you.
>Such an act is beyond me. Forever, I hope.

I hope the situation never arises for any of us but if it does I
hope we have the bottle to do it. (who said "all it takes for evil to
happen is for good people to do nothing"?)
>"Unashamed to attempt to be Christ-like while
>unabashedly proud of not being a Christian."

Agreed, except I'd never wear sandles.

>> >But you will also propagate the meme that one death is *better than*
>> >two. That force is a good thing, if applied against the prior (or
>> >potential) use of force. The question is: is that a meme you want to
>> >spread?
>> That one death is better than two, yes.
>> That force is a good thing
>Tony, admit this: killing someone is a use of force.

I admit it.

> The fact that you
>are justifiying it by claiming a net saving of life does not mean
>anything. Killing someone is *still* killing someone, regardless.

Yes and here is I think where we are willing to entertain
different levels of complexity in out morality. I say killing can
sometimes be morally virtuous, you seem to be holding with the black and
white notion of thou shalt not kill.

>and today's posts on this topic will be my last, for this topic. I've
>had enough.

Victory is mine. You are DEFEATED. I have destroyed your simple
ethical notions beyond repair and you must retreat to lick your wounds.
I am victorious in every way. You will never defeat me, I am