Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 02:50:09 +0100

In message <>, Drakir <>
>I think the "Smoking stunts growth..." one was pretty good. You said
>yourself that you didn't want to make people quit, but rather to prevent
>people from starting.

Well I meant to say that I couldnt think of much I could do to
help people quit, but I couls do something to reduce the no. taking it
up in the future.

>> As I said the spokespeople would make sensible targets, ans they
>> apear publicaly quite often.
>Do they? When and where?

On newsnight (with studio audience) when they are spurting out
such shit as
"oh the ban on sponsorship is terrible, sports will suffer."

>> >Wrong! If we can engineer the memes for the next generation to move
>> >away from Nuclear arms and into better democracy, then we can do
>> >something NOW HERE about it. In fact, I reckon that we stand more
>> >chance of that than we do of building an anti-smoking meme. After all,
>> >nuclear arms aren't addictive!
>> OK then you start, create a meme that might do some good, I cant
>> think of anything.
>"Extended weather forcast: Planet Earth, year ****, 3000 degrees and
>Or something along those lines.

Yeah but thats got no hook, no potential to explode into the
media and infest a load more hosts. The "if you're dying from tobacco
then consider killing a tobacco spokesperson" meme has all this.

>> no matter how hard you try you
>> can only be a nice compassionate guy.
>It's a habbit I'm trying to kick ;)

Same here, its addictive isnt it.