virus: Re: virus-digest V2 #207

Sun, 03 Aug 1997 10:49:15 -0700

Tony Hindle <> wrote:

> Demand for coke will always be high because it is a great buzz
> from the very first time, they dont need to advertise thius fact, it
> spreads by word of mouth (you could always try and control word of mouth
> but thats outragious).

The social buzz a teenager gets the first time she lights up with her
friends is immediate and powerful. Smoking is not attractive to
children because they see Joe Camel smoking on a billboard. It is
attractive to them because it is forbidden.

> Im not convinced that all the pro-tobacco spokespeople are
> killers, some simply havent thought through exactly what the
> consequences of their actions are. Having a life threat atatched to
> their job description would wake them up.

The financial incentive to for them to keep from "thinking it through"
is very strong. They're more likely to engage their rationalization
skills then their introspective ones when it comes time to respond to
your first strike.

> > Killing people would
> >trivialize any arguments against tabocco use that appealed the inherent
> >value of human life.
> Only for simple minded analysts.

Are you trying to convince the critical thinkers who are already
equipped to defend themselves against mal-adaptive mind-viruses, or do
you want to defend the hoi poloi who would be induced to smoke by
advertising? Sophisticated analysts don't need you to kill for them.

> >Setting all moral considerations aside, killing the tabacco-lords would
> >be a bad plan. It would give the opposition plenty of ammo to demonize
> >ALL anti-tabacco spokesfolks (not just the ones who did or advocated the
> >killing) and it would do nothing to impair the tabacco industry.
> It would increase costs in their memetic campagn which means a
> quicker defeat for their campagn, which would mean lots of lives saved.

Their increased operating costs would be miniscule, and any resulting
price increase would be insignificant compared to the taxes the
government has and will continue to impose on the sale of tobacco. If
your aim is to increase their operating costs, then taxation or
industrial sabotage would be a more effective strategy than murder.

> Agian, costs up, less money to be made.

Costs to the drug-lords up, street price of the product up. Addicts
detered? Not likely.

> If you want to stop a lethal mind virus then get it to turn on
> itself.

Killing a few cells in the tabacco super-organism will not cause the
beast to turn on itself. It will prompt the beast to eradicate you
quickly, and they may kindle your funeral pyre with what remains of the
bill of rights. Tabacco-lords employ master memetic engineers. They
could slap the "terrorist" label on you so fast you wouldn't have time
to scream before the masses you'd hoped to save ripped you to shreds.

Take care. -KMO