RE: virus: Belief and Knowledge (was: The truth about faith)

Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 3 Aug 97 20:28:05 -0400

>>I don't think so....
>Why don't you think so? What specifically is different about your
>process from that of a fundamentalist? I think you simply have different
>axioms. Woody Allen puts it exquisitely in one of his films (Crimes and
>Misdemeanors?) when a man is asked if it came down to a choice between
>truth and God, who would win? He replied, God, every time.

Must be why I dislike W. Allen....

I merely disagreed with the _method_ for 'believing' these things. I do
not take anything on faith. I am philosophically a skeptic. I do not
accept things the way a fundie does. The fundie does not question, and
that is what is specifically different.

And I would choose truth. It's more real.

(And when the hell was this first posted? My attention span is

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