Re: virus: Murder mind virus

Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 3 Aug 1997 21:21:39 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Tony Hindle wrote:

> I would also advocate the killing of a random member of the
> public if it was sure to lead to the same net saving of lives. Before
> you dismiss this as lunatic rantings I suggest you consider exactly what
> it would mean, you act to make the world a safer place for everyone.

Actually, I can agree with you on that. After the the bombings in New
York and Oklahoma City and the crazy over-reactions to them (people seem to
forget that the point of terrorism is not to overturn the Govt., but to
force it to become too repressive to maintain public support and therefore
fall under its own weight), I've come to the conclusion that we could
benefit from the odd terrorist act now and again. To up build our
immunity, if nothing else.

-Prof. Tim