Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 00:11:07 -0500

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> People will come and go. Lives begin, last for a short time, and then
> end. A meme can survive a thousand lifetimes. When I act outside the
> needs of my self, it is often for the benifit of such lasting things.
> Contributing to the /belief/ that <murder is a positive force> (regardless
> of whether it is of not) is not a meme I want to bear my name a thousand
> years hence.

Such is the way I think, as well.

But is it important to look at previous examples of peoples ideas and
memes, to see how well they fared into their future.

Jesus's ideas certainly didn't do to well.

They mutated into "good memes", instead of staying as "good ideas"...
that is, they became good at replicating themselves, instead of
producing good people.

This is what we want to *try* to avoid. It may not be possible, but I'd
like to think if we stress *consciousness* enough, we could do it...