Re: virus: Cigarettes

Drakir (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 11:35:03 +0100

Eric Boyd wrote:

> People don't light up becuase they have been brain washed by the tobacco
> co's ideas and memes. They light up becuase they make a decision to do
> so.

Spot on. I didn't even start smoking because of tobacco ads. I didn't
pick the brand I smoke because of tobacco ads. It was just what I
wanted to do, and I'm sure there was some peer-influence (I wouldn't
call it pressure).

> And I think we need to find out why, and to design ideas and memes to
> target those reason and make them ineffective.

I fear that will be a close to impossible task. Ceasing human
interaction is the only sure-fire method I can think of!

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