Re: virus: Cigarettes

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 00:07:01 +0100

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>hey all
>as a teenager who smoked for some 8 pitiful months i agree it has nothing
>to do with billboards, ads etc it has to do with power. i quit because i
>didnt (dont) have enough money to keep it up and the people i live with
>were shitting bricks and i figured it was just plain terms
>of killing people- I really dont think that would change the way americans
>are hungry for something to be addicted to it is their choice to smoke, its
>their own stupidity that kills them.

Then again I ask, why do the pro tobbaco regime spend so much on
advertising and sponsorship, and dont give me the "market share"
argument, if they all stopped their market share would remain unchanged.