Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 00:54:36 +0100

In message <>, Drakir <>
>Tony Hindle wrote:
>You could try showing people pictures of the insides of the lungs of
>smokers. It's not a pretty sight!

I havent got any pictures and I cant be arsed to get up off my
lazy fat arse.

>> >> As I said the spokespeople would make sensible targets, ans they
>> >> apear publicaly quite often.
>> >
>> >Do they? When and where?
>> On newsnight (with studio audience) when they are spurting out
>> such shit as
>> "oh the ban on sponsorship is terrible, sports will suffer."
>I'm sorry, I don't watch Newsnight (I'm usually in the pub!).

But you could always arrange to be in thre audience if you got

>> Yeah but thats got no hook, no potential to explode into the
>> media and infest a load more hosts.
>Well, that was just something off the top of my head, I'm sure someone
>could come up with something better, being that I'm not exactly the
>cream of memetic engineers.

I am still waiting for one of these memetic experts to come up
with a better suggestion than
"If you have terminal Tobacco induced cancer, then think about
killing a tobbaco plc spokesperson"
So far there has been a load of "you cant do that" but very
little reasoning.
>> >> no matter how hard you try you
>> >> can only be a nice compassionate guy.
>> >
>> >It's a habbit I'm trying to kick ;)
>> Same here, its addictive isnt it.
>Yeah, man, I just need a hit from time to time, y'know...