Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus

Drakir (
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 10:36:37 +0100

Tony Hindle wrote:
> In message <>, Drakir <>
> writes
> >Much as I disagree with the reasoning behind Tony's <Kill a tobacco
> >giant> meme, the idea that killing one person to save many is a
> >reasonable principle.
> Then surely you must believe that killing a well chosen tobbqaco
> plc spokesperson wouldnt save more than one life.

Congratulations, Tony, you've hit the nail on the head. I don't believe
that killing a tobacco spokesman will save any lives at all. Overall,
there would be a net loss of life that is surely a bad thing.

> In which case you
> should be trying to persuade me of this so I can stop writing on this
> fucking thread.

You started it, man. If you weren't so stubborn then we'd have wrapped
this up ages ago ;)

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