virus: Re:tobacco
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 16:44:08 +0000

Tim Wrote:
In an interesting turn of events, I saw a billboard on the way home home
tonight that said, "WINSTON. Now with no artifical additives!"

Well, at last! A healthy cigarette!

You just reminded me of one difference between America and Canada. (It's
strange isn't it? To suddenly *remember* a difference between two

There are no billboard ads for cigarettes in Canada. They're illegal. So
are billboard ads for liquor.

What Cigarette companies can do is throw huge events like the DuMaurier
Jazz Festival or the Bensons and Hedges Symphony of Fire.

We don't have liquor except in government stores and pharmaceutical
drugs are heavily controlled. So there's no weird "hangover pills" on
our shelves that are just a new re-formulation of caffeine and a.s.a

What are most Canadians busted for at our own border? Cigarettes.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at Richard's on Sat. night. It'll
be a hoot. Let's not talk about the Fish War Okay? ;-)

BTW. I have bad news about the Illuminares Festival. We missed it.
Sorry. I went to the opening night of the Symphony of Fire and while
driving home down Kingsway at 12:30 I saw guy cross the street with a
big paper lantern. You should have heard me swearing all the rest of the
way home. It's not very well publicized. You have to be in the loop and
I fell out of it for a few months. Well. We will have to go next year.

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