Re: virus: Cigarettes

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 05:27:23 +0100

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> wrote:
>> as a teenager who smoked for some 8 pitiful months i agree it has nothing
>> to do with billboards, ads etc it has to do with power. i quit because i
>> didnt (dont) have enough money to keep it up and the people i live with
>> were shitting bricks and i figured it was just plain terms
>> of killing people- I really dont think that would change the way americans
>> are hungry for something to be addicted to it is their choice to smoke, its
>> their own stupidity that kills them.
>Finally, a voice of reason and experience!

No, a meme complex that Tobacco plc have encouraged to flourish
with their expensive memetic campagns, so they can continue their
industry of death for as long as they can get away with it.

>People don't light up becuase they have been brain washed by the tobacco
>co's ideas and memes. They light up becuase they make a decision to do

And another one.

>And I think we need to find out why, and to design ideas and memes to
>target those reason and make them ineffective.
>Use memes, Tony, not genes.
>(that is, kill the *reasons* people light up, not the people!)

Since I am sat at my pc all I can do is use memes. (I never
intend ever to murder anyone.) Having said that, if I ever get cancer I
might kill a tobacco plc spokerperson. That is unless I receive from one
of you lot the antimeme to
<if you have tobacco induced pending death it would be a
morally virtuous act to kill a well chosen tobacco plc spokesperson>
You all seem to posses this antimeme except for me, please
infect me with it. Either that or tell me that you have been infected
with the <kill if you get cancer> meme, then at least I know that it is
not just me.