Re: virus: Will the real meme please stand up.

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 06:17:55 +0100

In message <>, Tim Abbott
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>Tony Hindle writes:
>> [Kill a tabacco spokesman]
>> Actually I never thought of this meme originaly at all. I bloke
>> I met in a pub told me it.

I think his name was Kurt Vonnegut,

> I just want to know why it is a bad idea and
>> so far nobody has given me anything except knee jerk moral arguments
>> (until KMO, I think) and your reasons so far dont persuade me that its
>> not a good idea.
>One of the marvellous things about the great British pub is that
>it provides the perfect place for a little time out of life (I've
>yet to find the equivalent in the US). One of the bad things about
>the place is that people tend to take what they hear there into the
>outside world and assume that it has useful applicability. Rarely
>is this assumption justified. (Maybe that's why Britain's in such
>a mess).

I agree, very rarely indeed. Could you explain to me whether or
not the <cancer victims should kill a pro tobacco spokesperson> meme is
one which has usefull applicability?

>> I think it is particularly infectious to people who are dying
>> because of tobbaco, I have repeated this point time and time again and
>> still nobody has raised any decent argument why it would not spread and
>> why it would not be good. I assume the people who are keeping quiet are
>> thinking
>> "hmm, I cant fault it but I will keep shtum because there must
>> be something wrong with it and I am sure someone will think of it
>> eventually.
>Alternatively, they're ignoring it because they think it's a dumb idea.

All I am asking is that one of you explain to me why it is a
dumb idea.

>> Come off it, You have a couple of weeks to go, you hear a way of
>> make you famous for the rest of your life and you could probably make
>> enough money in that time to relieve your close family of all financial
>> hardships for the rest of their lifes. If you didnt do it, it would just
>> show that you were a brainwashed fuck.
>Go back to the pub, Tony, have a drink, throw a few darts, and calm down.

Your failure to answer my points with anything other than acts
of faith is beggining to show Tim.