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Thu, 7 Aug 1997 07:02:53 +0100

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>Tim Wrote:
>In an interesting turn of events, I saw a billboard on the way home home
>tonight that said, "WINSTON. Now with no artifical additives!"
>Well, at last! A healthy cigarette!
>You just reminded me of one difference between America and Canada. (It's
>strange isn't it? To suddenly *remember* a difference between two

Is it when something seems to be incompatible with your own
culture and you realise that it is because it belongs to a culture with
a different rule.

>There are no billboard ads for cigarettes in Canada. They're illegal. So
>are billboard ads for liquor.

Wow I never knew this. What are the stats on smoking/ smoking
uptake in canada.

>What Cigarette companies can do is throw huge events like the DuMaurier
>Jazz Festival or the Bensons and Hedges Symphony of Fire.

Aaw fucking bastards, they always have an alternative plan the
scheming murderers.

>We don't have liquor except in government stores and pharmaceutical
>drugs are heavily controlled.

> So there's no weird "hangover pills" on
>our shelves that are just a new re-formulation of caffeine and a.s.a
>What are most Canadians busted for at our own border? Cigarettes.

That must be for price difference reasons surely.