virus:I resign; was tobacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 08:00:55 +0100

I am still not convinced by your collective points and whats
more I dont believe all of you are.
However I cant keep on responding to all the posts so I will
have to give up. I guess at this stage I reckon that if I was single,
with no close relatives and had lung cancer form tobacco smoking I would
kill a high profile spokesperson for tobacco plc before I met my demise.
As I am married with a family and I havent got cancer (and I
dont smoke anymore) then I guess its academic anyway. I wouldnt be at
all surprised if the meme is executed sometime in the future. I hope it
is in my lifetime because I will be fascinated to see its knock on
effects which I believe would be overall beneficial.
If anyone wants to discuss more specifics about who the
spokesperson should be (lets not get into naming anyone, I am talking
generally specific if you catch my drift) It might be quite amusing, you
dont have to agree with me, there is such a thing as the least worst
person to kill.
But other than that I give in. I cant answer all the points
anymore, I am sorry. I will still read any that come, and I will still
answer any that I think are new, and I will definately answer anyone who
actually comes up with something to make me change my mind on this.
Also I will always apreciate funny jokes/ observations connected
with smoking.

Other than that I will keep shtum about all this and next apear
on another thread.

Its been fun though.