virus: Re: respectable
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 12:19:55 +0000

Wade wrote:

I don't for a second consider aesthetics to be a boundary discipline. I
don't even think Aristotle should be considered in that way. Aesthetics
always needs to be a reaction to art. Memetics, hopefully, may be the
front door.

Yes, you're stating it better than I did, but you're right. Aesthetics
does one thing really well and memetics is one step "away" from it. You
call it a front door, but in my model I see it mas being "up" the
directory, giving context to the actions of aesthetics (or its
"behaviour" if you will)

Ouch. Then again, the economic as proto-behavior/culture does have a
nice feel to it. I certainly feel there is a great (if not overriding)
deal of the economic in the shaman. Do we need a definition of 'money'
before this discussion moves off the trading floor?

Economic Shaman? That sounds so interesting.... do tell.

I agree, It's kind of like taking a knife to your own gut when you
follow the "meme=money" model. Maybe a re-definition of money would make
it easier. (However, I think I need to LOVE money. Otherwise it won't
come to me when I call it.)

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