Re: virus: Action Potential

Eric Boyd (
Sat, 09 Aug 1997 17:34:55 -0500

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> The most important point for the application of "memes" is that there is a
> relationship between self-regulation (self-awareness) and external
> consistency. Glossing over the semantic difference of "order" vs.
> "disorder" and/ or "certainty" vs. "uncertainty" (by saying that they are
> the same if *consistent*), an internal pattern elicits an external
> pattern--or at least the *potential* for an external pattern--which is
> transmitted via uncertainty/certainty (ie. potential) to change the balance
> of another self regulating system. The more advanced pattern discharges,
> increasing the stability of the second system.

Are you saying that when I quote someone elses memes (which are more
advanced then mine), my own memesphere is stabalized by that act?

Or did the entire thing just fly over my head?