virus: Shamanism (was: How does one pay for this?)

Marc Swenson (
Sat, 9 Aug 1997 16:16:58 -0700

Wade T. Smith wrote:

> In a way then, I am taking the agenda position of extra-cultural
> investigation. To me this would be a proper memetic examination of the
> phenomenom as well.
> And in no way can I see my rejection of the magical as a role-play for
> a
> shaman.
> I'm not sure that it is entirely possible to do in an objective
> manner. Shamanism is extremely subjective, be it our culture or
> others, and the term itself is entirely open to interpretation.
> They may fall under any of the following positions or others:
> doctor-healer role; faith healer-spiritualist role;
> scientist-researcher role; philosopher role etc.
> Within each of these disciplines, there are so many other
> sub-variables such as the faith healer's use of hypnosis-mind control
> (keeping an open mind on this one, of course) or the tribal healer's
> (doctor's) use of healing herbs (drugs).
> What cured the ailment (problem, question, etc.)? Is <magic> magic,
> purely because the "healed" lacks the knowledge of the "healing"
> method?
> - Marc