Re: virus: Action Potential

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 10 Aug 1997 17:19:23 -0500

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> I am saying exactly that! I am assuming that memes develop. That more
> developed memes are more stable. That the "discharge" of one meme excites
> the second memesphere. That a change in the structure of the second
> memesphere occurs. AND that this change is in the direction of increasing
> stability. BUT, this change is an "action potential" (like the excitation
> phase of a neuron). This would leave open several possibilities as to the
> next response. There may be a reorganization of the memesphere or a further
> discharge of potential (the charge may relay to the next memesphere). There
> is probably some excess charge that is used by the memesphere for
> self-regulation (as opposed to growth)...perhaps some charge which is
> disssipated into the surrounding atmosphere.

This is an interesting idea -- comparing the spreading of ideas to
"photons" of energy, as it were, and saying that our brains are like
atoms, which are excited by the incomming energy of memes, and
regorginaize themselves in response to it...

But one problem I see is this: I don't the memetic "games" are zero
sum. That is, I think the "atoms" that are our minds are capable of
generating energy all by themselves (perhaps by memetic interplay
between differing "selves"); and certainly of growing bigger and more
complex (transmutation).

But perhaps you said that.