Re: virus: Action Potential

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 10 Aug 1997 21:39:05 -0500

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> I do believe that Everything is zero sum. On the other hand, I see

In a sense, EVERYTHING is. But only collectively.

> "efficiency" as being important. Take the illustration of a flooding river
> (The Nile?). It has a quantity of water which adds to itself (is zero sum).
> If irrigation ditches are created this energy is diffused and used
> efficiently; but (in the purest sense), no new energy is created. the
> destructive power of the river (atom, mind, meme), is harnessed and put to
> work. The river which would have destroyed is used for a positive purpose.
> Is the river made "bigger"? No; More complex? Perhaps. Is it "transmuted"?

This is a good analogy. Reminds me of "responsible freedom", and the
circular power generating systems we talked about earlier.

BTW: it occured to me that *life* itself is in fact such a circular
construct. We live, only to die. Circular! The trick, you see, is that
such circular positions, while actually containing *nothing* (life is
meaningless!), such circular platforms actually contain the entire

Creation and destruction. The ultimate circular constructs!

> I think the mind is capable of transfering energy from one meme to another.
> I think it is efficient at using energy. I do--however--see a "spark of
> life" which is needed to power it. I do not think that we are capable of
> producing that spark internally. I see a "process" or meta-meme which has
> an original inception (is the prime cause), which is capable of becoming
> more complex and efficient but which is not capable of becoming *more*--one
> original meta-meme which is organized and transmitted between the parts of
> itself according to ones "capacity" to utilize it).

hmmm. An "original spark of life". Looks like dangerous territory. An
idea so similar to "soul" that you can't have missed it...

I've be training my mind reciently to *consciously* double-task. I
started with simple linear multitasks in Netscape... you know, open two
windows and swich back and forth bewteen them every minuite, or every

But I've moved up now to *parallel* tasks. Literally thinking about two
things at once. We all do it sometimes... you know, walk and talk. But
I'm trying to *internal* thought processes. Some very weird things

And I've stepped up the serial tasks... four or five windows...

I've actually gotten parallel multitasking to work several times. But I
always realize it -- with both minds -- and then the multitask
collapses. I think the trick lies in never letting them think similar
things, becuase that always brings them together.

Anyway, the point of this ramble is this: I am trying to *train* another
of your "sparks of life"... that is, I want *two*. I'll let you know if
and when I get 'em... since that would be some measure of evidence that
such things exist![1]


[1] The current idea is that once I have two, I'll work on sending one
to hell, and the other to heaven... don't want to miss out on any
"afterlife" experiences! :->