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Drakir (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 09:23:03 +0100 wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> What about people who smoke brands which aren't advertised? For
> example, there are this brand of Cigarettes called "Chess" over here in
> England, and I've only ever seen them on sale in one shop, and I've
> never seen them advertised.
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> Lack of advertising is a spreadable meme. They are probably smoked
> because they appeal to those who like to think they are above or outside
> the ad loop. There is a certain status in having something that doesn't
> get flashed on billboards on a regular basis.

This is a point I made to Tony a little while ago, and what I was trying
to illustrate here. Advertising does not have much or even anything to
do with making people smoke, and to not advertise would be to weave a
web of the unknown, which would make people even more curious.

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