virus: visually communications

tom.holz (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 17:47:02 -0400

>Where do youse guys think (or imagine, or picture, or virtualize) these
>conversations taking place? In defense of my own (albeit limited,

I try to imagine the entire universe. Yup, the whole thing, entirely.
Then I watch as tiny partitions of it interact to grow more
complex/stable/whatever. After 5 minutes of this, I am drooling on my
keyboard, and so begin typing.

>Anyway- is there a cyberspace we should be encouraging? Some MUD for this

perfect opportunity for a memetically-engineered paradigm shift. It's no
longer e-mail with letters on paper but metaphor X. Fill in the X, add
Church of Virus and/or memetics, and spam the universe.

"Oh, Evil Overlord, they've been broadcasting Married with Children for N
years. We stood by the wayside as the Outer Planets fell to chaos, but
soon the wavesphere will reach us. Curses to the hyper-advanced technology
which would let all of our citizen's recieve the transmissions! Let us
turn it upon them and mail bomb them with our Really Whammy Atomic Gravaton

having taken turn for the worse (and more vocal)[1],

[1] It can't last forever, but as long as I hide my posts with some some
mention of memetics, no big alarms will be set off.