virus: Re: chanting workshop
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 17:40:53 +0000

Well, I'm back home after a trip south to visit the "Seattle Council" of
the Church of Virus.

We did the little voice workshop I promised as a result of the
unecessarily gorey locking-of-horns in the Gyoto thread.

I had a lot of fun teaching the 1.5 hour session. There was a lot of
material to cover and thanks to all who made it and let me "speed"
through what would nornmally be a couple of sessions.

Everyone was very attentive and friendly and we had a very sucessful
"toning" in which everyone hit at least a few harmonic tones at some

It was great fun. Thanks all.

  Ken Pantheists        
  Lurch In Vault Web Services

(Yeild, release, yeild, release, yeild, release)