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Yes, fools--jesters, and clowns--are shamen too (except by Wades
definition...which I respect; that is, a shaman can be restricted by
definition to include only those who practice a type of magic: This
restriction can be useful in answering the question "What role does 'magic'
play in primitive cultures"?). I've always been fascinated by the role that
Jesters played in a king's court (and assume that it was more than
entertainment). Clowns may be a physical symbol for someone who looks happy
but who is really sad--chaos magicians use this technique (paradox) to quiet
the mind and allow for a more direct perception of non-subjective reality.
These people are shamen by some native standards (clowns and jesters). I
think the term "player" refers to someone (usually black) who confuses
others deliberately thus gaining an advantage over them; or, they may be
confused themselves? Comments?

I would have to read how literary critics use the term subculture but I use
it to mean "a group of likeminded individuals as contrasted from a
'culture'--or group of all types of individuals". Because you used the term
"player" and because you mentioned "subcultures" giving rise to and speaking
to a dominant culture...I think you are talking about a developmental model
(like hippy cultures give rise to baby-boomers). The model I used is more
static: The farmer, teacher, preacher, warrior, and clown (suposedly)
always exist at the same time and balance each other...there is not much
support for the idea that one is more advanced than the other--that one
gives rise to another.

There are different ways of looking at cultures...I like a psycho-social
model; which seems to indicate that thought arrises out of the interaction
between the individual and the culture (ONE culture, ONE individual). The
different groups that arrise are then seen as individuals expressing their
developmental stage of understanding and finding that stage already
represented in one form or another in the culture.

Thanks for commenting on my model...but don't put too much faith in *this*
response. It was not well thought out, just some isolated observations.


At 04:44 PM 8/11/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Wonderful breakdown Brett.

>So, are Fools shamen as well? (I mean like jesters, players and clowns.)

>Also. Many lit crit texts refer to subcultures as cultural texts that
>rise out of and speak to a dominant culture. Is this similar to how you
>are using subcultures?


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