Re: virus: How Does a Shaman Pay?

Brett Lane Robertson (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 16:29:41 -0500

" I think he's making the point that superiority is relative and
situational, not absolute." (Eva)


Superiority is absolute! the only people who prefer the "relative" nature
of insuperiority are non-superior people...and who cares what THEY prefer.


At 01:25 PM 8/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
>> I shy away from words like "correct" or "superior" when talking about job
>> descriptions. What is "correct" or "superior" for one may be incorrect
>> and inferior for another. Is a good chef superior to good accountant? A
>> good computer programer superior to a good policeman? And what
>> constitutes "correct" thought depends entirely on what it is you're
>> thinking about.
>> Be careful, Brett. Your biases are showing.
>> -Prof. Tim
>> What I mean to say is someone more intelligent...someone more privy to The
>> Truth...someone ACTUALLY superior...Not someone who one *considers* to be
>> superior. Because you are a sell-out to whoever pays your salary, you may
>> no longer be able to discern the truth. After buying into any and every
>> philosophy for the sake of getting your ego stroked, it IS difficult to see
>> what is superior to what (one may think that it is superior, for example, if
>> the boss says so or if one's friends say so or one's wife gives-up a little
>> vagina if you say it *this* way one day and *that* way the next. Obviously,
>> there are those things which are superior to other things (which is why I
>> suggested that the shaman could be superior and not just equal to). I am
>> not talking about opinions: I am not a soul-less pagan who accepts that
>> danger and harm is equal to growth and health just because it is the easier
>> path or because 9 out of 10 doctors agree. Your ignorance is showing.
>Mm, I don't think the respected professor is letting his intellect slip,
>here. I think he's making the point that superiority is relative and
>situational, not absolute. Just because monogrammed silver spoons are
>better than plastic sporks at a formal tea party, doesn't mean they're
>better to use in the microwave.
>soulful pagan who prefers, on the whole, growth and health to danger and
>harm, but is aware there are exceptions.

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Dentist, n.:
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