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Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 12 Aug 97 20:15:12 -0400

>> May I say that I find the above to be an extraordinary statement.
>> Meaning- I totally disagree with it and would require some proof. It is
>> very much in the interests of these professions to be 'understood' by
>> their clients.
>Really? Often the clients like to /beleive/ they understand ("Any monkey
>could make that painting!" ,"I could make that music just by beating on a
>guitar too!"

Hmmm. That is a very strange client/clientele scenario you've set up
there. May I say it sounds a lot more like an outsider's comments on the
product? Most professional people are very inclined to both share and
receive comments and directions from their clients, who accept the
talents or unique services as precisely that. They understand that
several years of special study or experience is at their command and
purse. The professional _works for them_. It behooves them to understand
as much as they can.

This is not too say the ignorant client never gets the gold, nor the
informed the dross....

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