Re: virus: VIRUS ALERT !! (was GOOD TIMES)

Drakir (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 15:11:38 +0100


Cheers for the info. I've passed it onto one of my colleagues, who has
an interest in this kind of thing also. It is truly an efficient meme
if a company can see fit to pass it around /all/ of its employees

John ''Actual Size'' Williams wrote:
> At 01:08 PM 8/13/97 +0100, you wrote:
> >I usually wouldn't bother forwarding any kind of message like this, but
> >since it came round the building flash-mail I figured that it might be
> >worth sending, since anyone sending hoax emails round like that is
> >liable to get their arse chewed off by management.
> >
> >I've stripped off all email addresses, purely as protocol.
> >
> >Highly infectious meme, or real threat, do you think?
> The aol4free thought-virus is even worse than the GOOD TIMES virus, because
> there *is* an aol4free trojan horse that does something similar. See this
> CIAC[1] Bulletin []: "CIAC
> has obtained a Trojaned copy of AOL4FREE.COM that destroys hard drives.
> NOTE: This is different from the AOL4FREE Virus Warning hoax message."
> Since it's a trojan horse, McAfee Virus Scan won't detect it.
> This is cunning, since if Clueless X goes to his friend who told him Good
> Times is a hoax and says, "is aol4free a hoax too?" Clueless X's friend
> will say "no" and pass it along.
> However, the virus does not work as described; opening the e-mail message
> does not activate the trojan horse. Like all trojan horses, you have to
> actually run the program.
> "Penpal Greetings," of course, is just a mutation of the Good Times virus.
> >From the CIAC: "The PENPAL GREETINGS! Hoax shown below appears to be an
> attempt to kill an e-mail chain letter by claiming that it is a self
> starting Trojan that destroys your hard drive and then sends copies of
> itself to everyone whose address is in your mailbox."
> ""
> In case anyone's interested in the flap this like this caused:
> [and other links contained
> within]
> (Offical CIAC statement on the Good Times virus, among others...)
> Here's something interesting I need to check out; someone watchdoging virus
> hoaxes:
> A history of "Good Times" is here:
> (I was hit by the first varient! Of course, it didn't fool me, since I knew
> what E-Mail was and was not...)
> Let me know if you find any other interesting Virus Hoax stuff: I love
> reading about these! :-)
> -- John
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> [1]U.S. Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability
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