Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 16:07:19 -0700

Wade wrote:

> May I say that I find the above to be an extraordinary statement.
> Meaning- I totally disagree with it and would require some proof. It is
> very much in the interests of these professions to be 'understood' by
> their clients.

Ok. I used a wide brush. But I was pointing to the fact that every
specialized profession has its own culture of lingo that is (intentionally
or not) alienating to the 'clients'.

Maybe I misunderstood what you meant by "misunderstood". I thought you
meant that they were kind of mysterious and used words in some kind of
cryptic manner. If you meant that shamans are misunderstood in that their
actions and their messages are not "jiving" with the listener, I'd have to
say I disagree. Those types never have any kind of lasting career-- they're
usually brought to an abrupt halt by a bonfire and wooden stake.

If you meant that they have to appear alien or "outre" by wearing weird
clothes or doing funky dances-- then I say "yeah... it's par for the
course." I mean, it's part of the uniform is it not-- like the power suit
and the necktie?