Re: virus: shamanism (Was FW: JCS: Three and a half years of

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 22:41:02 -0500

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> "It's like trying to talk about Zen. It can be done, but what have you
> gained?"
> You've laid the groundwork for future experimentation and increased the
> liklihood that something (even if it must be directly experienced) will
> happen at a greater variable than would be likely by chance alone.

ahhh. Spread the memes, eh? Certainly that is a noble goal.

I'm just not sure it's really enough. I "understand" Zen fairly well,
becuase of Watt's book on it... but I honestly haven't spent enough time
to ever reap many of the benefits. I don't "grok" it, if you get my

And like Reed said about my Church:

> It is not enough that we have responsible leaders.
> It is not enough that we have "responsible".
> It is not enough that we discuss "responsible".
> It is not enough that we think responsible thoughts.
> Each of us must act responsibly and take responsibility for our actions.
> This is enough.

It is not enough that we "understand" subjective experiences.

We have to experience them, *feel* them, if anything truly important is
going to happen.