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Forwaded by: (Michele Carpender)

The Top 15 Slogans That Never Quite Caught On

15. Charmin: "Butt... Wipe... Err."

14. Microsoft: "How much are you going to pay today?"

13. Eggs: "The Incredible Edible Ovum."

12. MTV: "Loud and easy to spell."

11. Saks 5th Avenue: "You Could Shop Here if You're Poor, But That Would be Stupid!"

10. Iguana: "The other green meat."

9. Penis Enlargement Specialists: "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing!"

8. Nike: "Just buy the damn shoes, you flabby spineless lump!"

7. Daisy Air Rifles: "Keeping kids off your lawn for over forty years."

6. Canon Photocopiers: "Quit calling them Xeroxes, dammit!"

5. Pepto Bismol: "Squash the Squirts!"

4. Trojans: "Just add meat."

3. Apple Macintosh: "Hey, we thought of it first!"

2. Radio Shack: "You've got questions, we've got geek losers!"

and the Number 1 Slogan That Never Quite Caught On...

1. Professional Bowling on NBC: "Oh, why don't you just go ahead and kill yourself instead

__________________________________________ David Schnider