RE: virus: Shamanic understanding

Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 14 Aug 97 07:51:33 -0400

>I really don't see why economics (or 'economics') is seen as the
>only alternative to 'magic'. To me a magical analysis is a
>contradiction, as magic is a quality of perception ('that was
>magical!'), and necessarily vanishes (magically!) as soon as
>you start analysing. The most obvious ways of analysing
>shamanism, for me, are anthropologically, psychologically,
>sociologically and 'spiritually'. (For those who react
>negatively to the latter, what I mean by it could be thought
>of as applied psychology/sociology/philosophy.)

I am quite sure that not only do I agree with this, but that this is what
I was saying. At any rate, the utility for memetic analysis seems feeble
to me, or at least adjunctive.

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