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"...Oedipal complex is the name given to the sexual anxiety experienced by
male child/ Mother relationship..." (S. Atkins, emphasis added)

A perfect example of what I was trying to say. You are applying the complex
to the male child only...I am saying that the mother also has a version of
the complex as well as the father. The distinction is an important one and
worth the mental effort. If you don't see how the complex affects the
mother and father equally to the child then I will try to put it into a
different light. The model which says that only the male children are
affected assume that the mother and father are superior and that the child
internalizes the * entire* complex in response to the parent's
inflexability. I am taking a systems view. Please say that you understand
what I am saying!


At 02:18 AM 8/14/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks for the post.
>You have a very sophisticated mind. You've put a lot of work into the
>model and it is very interesting. However, with my limited understanding
>of Freud, I still am under the impression that the Oedipal complex is
>the name given to the sexual anxiety experienced by male children in the
>male child/ Mother relationship. Hence the name. I'm not sure I've ever
>heard of freud saying that children depend on the interaction of the
>Mother and Father for their development-- or that it was Oedipal.
>The rest sounds very cool. I just didn't get the link to Oedipus.
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