RE: virus: How Does a Shaman Pay?

Marc Swenson (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 17:15:57 -0700

Yow...must be nice...maybe. If superiority is absolute, what do you
have left? Your memesphere is complete. You have /all knowledge/. You
cannot learn anything new, as that would admit your inferiority on the
subject, hence, your non-absolute superiority.

I suppose this being would live to sit on their throne and impart
knowledge, or mock all others. What a pathetically, boring existence
full of lack of stimulation.

Brett, your task, should you accept it, is to seek out and present this
/superior being/ to the CofV for flagellation.

- Marc

> Superiority is absolute! the only people who prefer the "relative"
> nature
> of insuperiority are non-superior people...and who cares what THEY
> prefer.
> Brett