Re: virus: How did we get here? (from: Un-natural De-selection)

Eric Boyd (
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 18:48:01 -0500

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> What brought you to Church of Virus? to the field of memetics?
> And what have you read (briefly) on the subject of memetics so far?
> (No need to be ashamed if it isn't much. This is a (meta-)meme after all.
> Word of mouth is as valid a transmission method as any other!)

Actually, I don't remember how I found the CoV... but I do know it was
the first place I discovered memetics. Oh, say, about 7 months ago now.

The only related book I've read is Brodie's. (does this make me evil?)

And I didn't even take biology in highschool, so I know next to nothing
about evolution. (as you've probably found out already).

Am I unqualified or what?

All I have to offer here is a willingness to learn, and a sharp brain.
(people have always said I was a quick learner). I also took a
"Critical Thinking" course last semister. Nothing like a few thought
tools to help me out...

The real reason I joined the CoV mailing list wasn't "memetics" at all.
Even way back 7 months ago, it was the religion that interested me. And
still does. My Church's page is up:

I'm looking for people who wish to contribute!

> And you? How'ed a nice person like you end up in a place like this?

Looks like a very "leading" question... who said I was nice?



... and who implied this wasn't a nice place?